My Supercar Experience!

A little while back, I had the privilege to drive 3 older, yet still amazing, exotic cars: a Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari F430, and an Aston Martin DB9.

I figured this was an opportunity to give those people out there who might be interested in hearing a newbies perspective to driving supercars as this was the first time I ever had the chance to do so! They weren't top of the line, or brand new, but they were sure fun as hell!

I had the privilege to drive these 3 beasts yesterday through gorgeous Napa Valley, CA. I have to say they did not disappoint. If you have never been to Napa, it has amazing roads to drive on, while not as windy as one would necessarily want, they still have some twists and turns to make the drive enjoyable. And let's be honest, I don’t own the cars so I was a little cautious is not wrecking a car I couldn't afford, so it was perfect for that experience. One other thing to point out, it was a wet day out, so that made for quite the interesting experience from a traction point of view, especially in the Ferrari. Keep reading to find out more!

First up was the Lamborghini Gallardo. I have always been a huge Lamborghini fan, so naturally I loved the Gallardo. It was the most raw of the bunch with the roughest shifts thanks to the single-clutch transmission, but I still couldn't get enough of it! Not to mention, the AWD definitely was beneficial in the rain and wet roads I was driving on as it felt like it just stuck to the road and I never got a feeling that I was going to slide in the wet roads.

Lamborghini Gallardo at Duckhorn Winery in Napa Valley, CA

Next up was the Aston Martin DB9. I didn't know what to expect from this car as I have always thought of Aston Martins as a gentleman's car (thanks to the James Bond movies for that). I have to say there was immense power with the V12 engine but I saw it more as a nice casual daily driver, not as a supercar like the others. In the end it was very nice inside and out, but I just feel like it isn't for me.

Aston Martin DB9 at Duckhorn Winery in Napa Valley, CA

Finally I ended the day in the Ferrari F430. I have always been a Lambo fanboy, but I was looking forward to see what the Ferrari could do. I have to say this car exceeded all my expectations. It had the raw supercar feel I wanted and expected, but it was far more refined than the Gallardo, with much smoother shifts. I will say I did manage to get the rear end loose a couple times on this thing, but that just added to the excitement. What really put it over the top was the sound. From inside the car, this one sounded absolutely amazing!

Ferrari F430 at Duckhorn Winery in Napa Valley, CA

Overall a great experience on the day and I would recommend if you ever get a chance to drive any supercar, new or old, definitely take that opportunity and run with it; I know I will!

Also, as someone who likes to take pictures of cars, this was a great opportunity when we stopped to switch cars to snap a few photos of each with very picturesque backgrounds of Napa Valley Wineries.

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