How would you spend $100k?

Let's say you have $100,000 to spend on cars, what would you buy? Would you buy 1? 2? More? New? Used? All of these are questions to answer, but for now here are some of my top choices!

Lamborghini Gallardo

A used Gallardo, with not too high miles, can be had for right around $100k, less if you go higher mileage, or a bit more if you go lower, or look at a gated manual. The manual is a better buy with less maintenance issues and it will hold its value better over the life of the car. And let's be honest, manuals are dying more and more each year, but there will always be enthusiasts like you and me that would love to have one and enjoy driving them!

Audi R8

Perhaps one of the most common exotics out there, a used R8 is a no brainer at this price range! You will most likely be able to stay well under the $100k. Like the Gallardo, the gated manual R8 would be the better buy than an automatic transmission. It holds it's value better, and let's be honest, manuals are just fun to drive!

Ferrari F430

Personally I am not a fan of older Ferraris, and could be considered a Lamborghini fan boy, but I have been lucky enough to drive a F430 and they are more fun than I ever imagined! Though be careful, a friend purchased one, and on the way home from the dealer, the F430 caught on fire. Needless to say that is really bad luck and the dealer took care of it, but a car fire is nothing anyone would ever look forward to.

Dodge Viper

This one makes the list only because it is a personal favorite of mine, and a car I have dreamt of owning since I was a child. This is the car that sparked my interest in them from a young age. So most of you will think I am crazy, but I would probably take a Gen V Dodge Viper (2013 to 2017) over all of the above right now. And let's be honest, the maintenance on a Dodge will be far less than any of the above since it is an American car, and frankly just cheaper all around than the above, but you don't have to sacrifice much performance (if any depending on what you like). On top of it all, it ONLY comes as with a manual transmission, so its a win win right there. If you dont know how to drive a manual, and you love cars, it is never to late to learn (I didn't learn until I was much over 30), and it is more fun than words can describe!

Let us know what you would get in the comments below whether it is one of the ones I listed or something else. Maybe you want 2, $50k cars instead of just 1. The options are endless!

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