Can the 2020 Toyota Supra Live Up to its Predecessor?

This week the 2020 Toyota Supra was finally unveiled for all the world to see. There have been a lot of people waiting for this to come out for a long time. And I mean a LOOOOOOOOONG time, like almost two decades since the last Supra stopped production in 2002. The Supra became popular during the early 2000s when The Fast and The Furious movie came out. Everyone wanted a tuner Supra that could destroy a Ferrari on the streets of Malibu. Even today, the old Supras are still very popular in certain circles, selling for $121,000 in an auction on Bring A Trailer. No ladies and gentlemen, that is not a typo. The car that sold brand new 17 years ago for only $45,000, now goes for six figures if you have a clean version of it lying around a garage or a barn somewhere.

Now onto the 2020 Supra that Toyota finally unveiled and gave us some official statistics about. From Toyota itself: "Our approach to designing the GR Supra was simple: We wanted to create the best driver’s car, period. Under the hood, a 3.0-liter twin-scroll turbocharged inline six redefines responsiveness, letting drivers control the throttle with millimeter precision. We moved this engine as far back, and as low, as possible—optimizing the center of gravity for a 50:50 front/rear weight distribution. A rigid chassis, adaptive suspension and Michelin® Pilot® Super Sport tires help ensure that this Supra drives as good as it looks. And with its active differential and Brembo® 24 front brakes, this car is equipped to give its driver the ultimate in control." For raw numbers: this car has 335 horsepower, 365 lb-ft of torque, a weight of 3397 pounds, which all translates in a 4.1 second 0-60, and a 155 mph top speed. You can get all of this at a starting price of just $49,990! Given everything, this is actually right in the ballpark of what the old Supra sold for new, which is a good sign that Toyota has their target market in mind. Of course if you want an early Launch Edition, that will run you $55,250. Where the Premium edition will also run you more than the base at $53,990. Overall, this car seems to be living up to the hype as well as its lineage. Only time will tell how good it actually is. Hopefully we get to drive one when it comes out.

The only other thing on your minds is whether or not it comes in a manual transmission, because, let's face it, we all love driving manuals! Sadly at launch, it only comes in an eight-speed automatic, but there are rumors coming out of Toyota that a manual transmission is in the works! Let's just hope that ends up making it to production sooner than later!

Now check out some pictures to see if you like it!

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