2019 Car Resolutions

January of 2019 is almost in the books, and statistically speaking, about 80% of people have failed on their normal New Years Resolutions. So that begs the questions, which bucket do you fall in? The bucket that has already failed, or the small percentage of people still going strong! I know for me, I am still going strong on a couple, but failed the rest. Hey, it isn't the greatest thing to admit, but being honest with yourself is definitely a step that needs to be made.

Anyways, the beauty of car resolutions, is you have the entire year to complete them. For me, last year, I made a resolution to learn to drive a manual transmission car. To do so, I was fortunate enough to be able to buy a 2008 Miata with manual transmission so as I destroyed the clutch, it was on my car, not a friends car who would end up hating me in the end. UPDATE: I didn't burn out the clutch at all, and it was SUPER easy to learn how to drive. It took about an hour or 2 to get comfortable enough with the basics to drive it, and I am pretty comfortable since. Did you have any 2018 resolutions you succeeded on? Comment them below!

Now, for 2019, I have something I would like to do, but I am not sure if it is the smartest life choice to make this year. This would be buying a new (to me) car, that is more in the exotic car level. We aren't talking about a Toyota Corolla here! So, I do hope this will happen, but time will tell as the year goes on and see where my financial situation goes.

Here are a couple of ideas in case you don't have one yet, you should always have a goal to work toward!

  • Buy a new car!

  • Buy a new car to you (meaning a used car)!

  • Learn to drive a manual transmission!

  • Learn to drift!

  • Learn to drive (looking at all the teenagers out there)!

  • Learn to drive on track!

  • Get a new personal record around a track!

  • See your favorite supercar in person!

  • Sit in your favorite supercar!

  • Drive your favorite supercar!

  • Buy your favorite supercar!

Comment below what you would like to accomplish related to cars in 2019. Whether it is something from the list above or something completely to unique to you, we want to hear about it!

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