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You give us some information about your account and we use our proprietary algorithm to find people who will be interested in your following you.


New users start engaging with your account leading to more  real followers and likes!


You now have more time to focus on your brand and creating amazing content!





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You read that right, while in beta our services are FREE!  All we ask is you provide feedback on any issues or suggestions you have for us to improve!

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"My Instagram account was growing moderately well on its own, but then one day it stopped.  Madman Growth services helped push me over that hump and my growth rate far exceeded what I was doing by myself!"  

Adam - California, United States - Car Niche



Are the followers I gain real?

Absolutely! We do not sell you fake followers, we use marketing techniques to find people that will enjoy your content and they choose to follow you!

Will I lose my followers if I cancel?

Nope! We gain you real followers that you will have forever (or until they choose to unfollow you), so anything you gain while using our service you will keep if you cancel.

Why do you need my password?

Since we do not sell you fake followers, our proprietary algorithm finds users who we think will be interested in your content and interacts with them on your behalf in hope they will choose to follow you.

How many followers will I gain?

While we can't promise a number because it varies on niche, content, and many other factors, we have seen people gaining as much as 10,000 new followers per month, or a little over 300 per day!


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