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Marina Laswick (@marooshk)

marina laswick marooshk
Meet Marina Laswick (@marooshk), born in Canada but now living in the beautiful Los Angeles, CA! She is stunningly beautiful and a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty blogger who loves to travel the world. She even competed in the Miss USA…

Shelby James

Shelby James
Meet Shelby (@_shelbyjames), from Texas! I don’t realy know much about her other than the camera loves her, and I enjoy looking at her! Scroll down to see for yourself! Welcome to our Beauty of the Day (BOTD) series! If…

Yulia Kay (@itsyuliakay)

yulia kay
Meet Yulia (@itsyuliakay), from Montreal, Canada. She is an inspiration to anyone looking to transform themselves. Her transformation over the past year inspires me to work out everyday, or at least as much as I can. Scroll down and check…

Hailey Grice (@hailey_grice)

Hailey Grice
Meet Hailey Grice (@hailey_grice), she is an Ignite girl, like Desiree Schlotz that we previously featured, and looks good no matter what she is wearing or doing! She lately has been hanging out with Dan Bilzerian all the time, which…

Desiree Schlotz (@desireeschlotz)

desiree schlotz
Meet Desiree (@desireeschlotz), she is an Ignite girl that looks good in bikinis, tank tops, skirts, shorts, yoga pants, spandex, basically you name it she looks good in it! She also hangs out with Dan Bilzerian all the time. Who…

Stacia Kelly (@thestaciakelly)

Stacia Kelly
Meet Stacia (@thestaciakelly on Instagram), from lands unknown! You will always find her wearing a bikini, because, let’s be honest, she looks amazing in bikinis so I see no problem with this. She is absolutely gorgeous and has some sexy…