Alexis Ren

Meet Alexis Ren (@alexisren), Madman Beauty of the Day! And probably the Queen of Instagram! Incase you don't know Alexis, she has a huge following on social media, and all…

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Lindsay Brewer

Meet Lindsay Brewer (@liondsaymbrewer), Madman Beauty of the Day from San Diego State University! #BeautyOfTheDay#MadmanMedia#BOTD@lindsaymariebrewer

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Katie Bell

Meet Katie Bell (@katiebellofficial). She's awesome. Not much more needs to be said!   #BeautyOfTheDay#MadmanMedia#BOTD@katiebellofficial

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Gabriella Ellyse

Meet Gabriella (@gabriella.ellyse), her smile is infectious and she has many other great attributes. But I will let you be the judge for yourself, scroll down! Some know her as…

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MMBOTD: Kiera Bernier

Meet Kiera, UCSB graduate and living in Los Angeles. And as I am sure you all know, or if you don't you do now, LA is where all the attractive…

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Lauren Dascalo

Meet Lauren (@laurenndascalo), from Los Angeles. If you haven't seen her elsewhere you will soon as she is blowing up the internet lately. Want to know why? Just scroll down!…

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MMBOTD: Ally Cruz

Meet Ally Cruz (@allycruz_la) from Los Angeles. This 5 foot nothing firecracker will be sure to put a smile on your face! She loves to travel, loves beauty, and knows…

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Becca Spadaro

Meet Becca (@becca_spadaro) from Florida Atlantic University! If you like bikinis scroll down and go check out more on her Instagram (link on bottom of page). She is almost always…

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